Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Concentrate Gallon

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Product Description

Clonex Mist Concentrate is a root stimulator to be used on both your mother plants and clones. It is designed to work in conjunction with Clonex Gel to produce vigorous healthy cuttings with strong roots. It is used to mist cuttings at regular intervals during the rooting process. Clonex Mist contains no hormones and is completely safe and non-toxic. Mix at a ratio of 3:1 where 3 parts water are added to 1 part Mist concentrate.

One Clonex® Mist Concentrate Quart dilutes to make 1 gallon (3,785 ml) of Clonex Mist foliar spray. One Clonex Mist Concentrate Gallon dilutes to make 4 gallons (15,141 ml) of Clonex® Mist foliar spray.

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