Commercial Services

Commercial Pricing

Commercial pricing for cultivation facilities, greenhouses, and agriculture operations. We are your one shop for all fertilizers, pesticides, microbes, organic soils, hydroponic media, environmental controls, and the equipment you need to keep your business running smoothly. Working closely with manufacturers and distributors, we will provide you with volume pricing on the best horticulture equipment and supplies available.

Commercial customers get a dedicated sales representative, someone who is looking out for your inventory at all times. Including calculated monthly material volumes managed by your rep. Simplify your ordering process and never run out of the products that make your business successful.

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Consulting Services

Efficiency and High Quality Production Is Our Focus

How To Grow consulting services are specifically tailored to suit the needs of our clients, customizing your facility to align with your business goals. We guarantee to meet or exceed targeted production yields, lower your production costs, and maximize facility efficiency while ensuring state regulations are met. With thousands of square feet of canopy harvested in soils and hydroponics, working with us you can feel assured your investment is safe. We will strive to make your cultivation one of the best in the industry.

Focusing on perpetual harvest cultivation techniques we can balance the workflow through your cultivation. Analyzing the environment we will ensure your HVAC equipment is correct for your grow, with the proper redundancy, ensuring against crop loss. By balancing the nutrient and air input into the grow space we can optimize plant health and reduce unwanted contaminants. By establishing action plans for emergency situations your staff will know exactly what to do when something goes wrong. Creating a labor-efficient harvesting routine that is focused on product quality and bringing consistent top-shelf produce to the market. 

These are the benefits you will receive as a business owner working with our consulting services. Cultivation on a commercial scale is complex. Working with a professional that has been perfecting these techniques for over a decade will bring a tremendous advantage to your business. Don’t wait till you lose a $100,000 crop and two months of work before you look for help. Our team is proud to provide you with expert advice and the equipment you need from seed to harvest. Insure your business and your success.

Commercial Services

High-Quality Products

As a certified retailer of hundreds of product manufactures we can make sure you have access to what you need. We focus our product selection on longevity and reliablily, making sure you only recieve product recommendations your business can rely on.

Commercial Services

How To Grows' Focus

Our consulting services are specifically focused to the success of your garden. Ensuring your success through tested production systems and operations management techniques we guarantee to meet or exceed your targeted production yields, lower your production costs, and maximize facility efficiency.

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Meeting Your Goals

Every business has a bottom line. Setting goals that reduce your bottom line while increasing revenue should be a priority for every cultivation owner. With our calculated yeild projections and our actions plan to hit targets set, we guarentee our work based on your success.

Commercial Services

Facility Design

• Facility layout with conceptual floor plan
• Canopy Space Calculations
• Yield Target Calculations
• Grow system layout and supply
• Environmental Controls
• Watering Systems
• Harvesting Systems

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Consulting Focus

• Facility efficiency analysis
• Lighting
• Watering
• Environmental Controls
• Grow System Design
• Gardening Practices
• Harvesting for Quality

Commercial Services

Garden Management

• Grower & technician training
• Deployment Guidance
• Integrated Pest Management
• Garden Emergency Assistance
• Harvest Processing for High Quality

Our team is proud to provide you with expert advice and support from seed to harvest. Support your garden and staff with the right experts and ensure your success.

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