How To Grow Indoors

How To Grow Indoors

Indoor Gardening is an amazing hobby with endless rewards. Whether you’re looking into hydroponics or soils we have your back. From the environment to harvest, this blog will cover basic principles to setup a successful indoor grow space. Along with tips to make you grow like a pro.

Fall & Cool Weather Gardening

Fall is for planting! Temperatures are getting cooler, but there’s still plenty of time to plant — even if you’re growing in colder climates. Fall is the perfect time of year to grow several delicious varieties that summer’s heat is just too intense for. Click to learn more!

Companion Planting

Companion Planting is the practice of closely planting different varieties of flowers, herbs or other plants that will enhance each other’s growth or protect each other from pests. In this blog, we will learn about the benefits this method of gardening has to offer, as well as how to create a healthy, diverse companion garden of your own!

Organic Weed & Pest Control

In this blog, we will learn about several organic weed and pest control options to help your garden thrive — chemical free!

Small-Scale Gardening

This blog post will teach you the basics of planting a simple square-foot garden, a method that allows you to grow more in less space by densely planting in squares instead of tradition rows.

Hydroponics for Weed

Learn about the benefits of the hydroponic cannabis growing system and why it produces the best crop.

AutoPot Watering Systems 101

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is an AutoPot?”
We’re as curious as anyone to try the latest in hydroponic and horticultural products, and this is no exception — Learn along with us as we cover the basics on the automated watering system that is taking the gardening world by storm!

Boosting Animal Health with Beneficial Microbes

Adding microbes to your plants and crops brings on a bounty of benefits, but did you know animals can prosper from these awesome organisms, too? In this article, you’ll discover the magical world of beneficial microbes and how they can be a useful tool for so much more than plant power!

Hydroponics 101

Hydroponics is an extremely effecient gardening method. This article will give you the basics of operating hydroponics systems and give you the tools needed to get started!

How To Get A South Dakota Medical Marijuana Patient Card

It’s been difficult navigating the correct path for patients to secure their rights to medicine in South Dakota. We are here to clear the trail and give you the exact steps to aquire your MMJ card in SD! We Have walked the path ourselves and know this will work for you too!

Let’s Talk About Microbes!

Discover the Power of microbes in your garden and beyond. These amazing micro organisms are essential in all gardens and organic soils around the world.