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Experience the power of Tray2Grow, the revolutionary irrigation system that caters to all your plant’s needs. With its complete automation and power-free design, Tray2Grow offers an unrivaled solution for nourishing your plants. From seed trays to small pots, grow bags to microgreens, and planters, this product surpasses all others in the AutoPot range, establishing itself as the most versatile irrigation system available on the market today.

Discover the remarkable adaptability of Tray2Grow. Equipped with optional capillary spikes ingeniously fitted inside the tray, you can effortlessly irrigate the substrate within a grow bag. These spikes delicately pierce the underside, ensuring optimal hydration for your plants.

Transform your growing experience with Tray2Grow. Remove the spikes and secure capillary matting in place to accommodate up to four standard-sized seed trays, two microgreen trays, or any number of bottom-perforated or bio pots. Additionally, the capacious 23.5-gallon framed fabric planter becomes an ideal choice for your gardening endeavors. For those who prefer trellising plants, three guide holes on each side of the tray are available for garden canes, while the three inset spirit levels guarantee perfect horizontal alignment.

Enhance your gardening capabilities with the Tray2Grow Standard Kit, which includes all the essential components for growing with pots, seed trays, or grow bags. To expand your options even further, consider adding the Planter Bag or the Microherb Trays to your setup and unlock limitless possibilities for cultivation.

Make the Tray2Grow a part of your gardening setup by connecting it to a FlexiTank Reservoir This seamless integration ensures a continuous supply of water for your plants, facilitating optimal growth and development.


  • Length: 43.9 inches
  • Width: 16.1 inches
  • Depth: 3.8 inches

Experience the future of plant care with Tray2Grow – the ultimate automated and versatile solution for your gardening needs. Unleash the full potential of your plants and enjoy the convenience of an irrigation system that adapts to your preferences seamlessly.

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MicroHerb Tray, Planter Bed


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