Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom Part B

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Give cannabis everything it needs to yield full, beautiful flowers packed with high-value compounds and essential oils. While most coco-friendly nutrients supplement calcium and magnesium, they’ve overlooked a third crucial ingredient: iron. Through extensive research and development, we’ve formulated pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Bloom with multiple chelated forms of iron, plus chelated calcium and magnesium. And with the optimal ratios of these critical nutrients, your plants can reward you with heavy, potent flowers. 

  • Critical ratios of calcium, magnesium, and iron aid in preventing nutrient lockout
  • pH Perfect® Technology frees growers from pH pens and meters forever
  • Super-absorptive chelation promotes optimal nutrient absorption


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1 gallon, 1 L, 1 Quart, 10 L, 1000 L, 208 L, 23 L, 4 L, 57 L


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