Hydroponics for Weed

Learn about the benefits of the hydroponic cannabis growing system and why it produces the best crop.

Hydroponics 101

Hydroponics is an extremely effecient gardening method. This article will give you the basics of operating hydroponics systems and give you the tools needed to get started!

How To Get A South Dakota Medical Marijuana Patient Card

It’s been difficult navigating the correct path for patients to secure their rights to medicine in South Dakota. We are here to clear the trail and give you the exact steps to aquire your MMJ card in SD! We Have walked the path ourselves and know this will work for you too!

How To Grow Indoors

Indoor Gardening is an amazing hobby with endless rewards. Whether you’re looking into hydroponics or soils we have your back. From the environment to harvest, this blog will cover basic principles to setup a successful indoor grow space. Along with tips to make you grow like a pro.