Spider Farmer G8600 Dimmable Full Spectrum Co2 LED Grow Light

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What is the difference between the G series and SE series?

For growers who are working within a limited budget but require high returns, the G Series is the best choice.

The G Series features Bridgelux diodes, while the SE Series is equipped with Samsung diodes. Both of these brands are well-known in the industry and are considered reliable. Samsung is renowned as a leading diode manufacturer, while Bridgelux is a local American manufacturer with 21 years of experience.

In the picture below, we have listed the data for both the G-Series and SE-Series.

Best cost-effective 860W LED grow light for commercial growing

  • Maximum uniformity and efficiency: The G8600 has a unique 8-bar LED grow light design that provides more uniform and comprehensive canopy coverage, especially at the edges of cultivated areas. With 2968 Pcs high-efficiency diodes, the G8600 LED grow light is capable of reaching 860 watts of power, achieving an impressive PPE of 2.8umol/J, covering 4×4 feet of commercial and 5x5ft of personal high-yielding full cycle growth.
  • Full spectrum and dimmable: The full spectrum LED grow lights (3200-4200K,4800-5000K,650-665nm) have different wavelengths of light, ideal for every stage of plant growth from seed to harvest. 10-100% dimmable grow lights are Ideal for growers to adjust the light intensity for different growth stages and save on growing costs.
  • Daisy chain dimming: The dimming daisy chain feature allows growers to connect up to 60 G8600 grow lights together that can be dimmable at the same time. Therefore the G8600 is widely used for commercial grows (horizontal and 4×4 foot vertical tills, grow rack), home grows (5×5 grow tents), dwc, and hydroponics.
  • Ventilation cooling and removable driver: The bar-style grow design and aluminum heat sink on the back facilitate better air circulation and great heat dissipation. the G8600 plant grows light comes with a removable driver and a 6.6-foot power cord that extends the life of the grow light by reducing ambient heat in the grow space. No need to worry about wet conditions because of the waterproof coating on the LED diodes.
  • Hassle-free shopping: The quality and warranty of the Spider Farmer LED grow lights will never be successfully duplicated. 5 years of after-sales service is provided with the G-Series grow lights, (local repair centers: US/CA/UK/DE ).

Does CO2 enhance plant growth?

Studies have shown that increasing CO2 levels in the growing environment can boost crop yields and reduce the harvesting time, provided that sufficient lighting is also available. Hence, we highly recommend using CO2 with G8600.

However, the efficacy of the CO2 introduced into your indoor garden depends on the quality of the grow lights. If you use low-power fluorescent grow lights, you are unlikely to witness a significant increase in plant growth.

To reap the benefits, it is advisable to use LED grow lights. Raising the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will enable your plants to harness this potent light source even more effectively than before.

How much CO2 do plants need?

Although CO2 levels in the atmosphere are typically around 400 ppm, plants can derive significant benefits from CO2 levels of 1,200-2,000 ppm. Nevertheless, exceeding this concentration can have adverse effects on your plants, so it’s essential to monitor your CO2 levels closely.


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