Clonex Mist Concentrate Quart Size

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Clonex Mist Concentrate is a root stimulator to be used on both your mother plants and clones. It is designed to work in conjunction with Clonex® Gel to produce vigorous healthy cuttings with strong roots. It is used to mist cuttings at regular intervals during the rooting process. Clonex® Mist contains no hormones and is completely safe and non-toxic. Clonex Mist Concentrate is mixed at a ratio of 3:1 where 3 parts water are added to 1 part Clonex Mist concentrate. One Clonex Mist Concentrate Quart dilutes to make 1 gallon (3,785 ml) of Clonex Mist foliar spray. One Clonex Mist Concentrate Gallon dilutes to make 4 gallons (15,141 ml) of Clonex Mist foliar spray.

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