Flower, Moonflower

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(Ipomoea noctiflora) Beautiful 5-6″ blossoms are closed all day until sunset when the flowers open, releasing one of the most fragrant perfumes in the summer garden. Frequently visited by night pollinators. Annual in the North, perennial in milder areas. Vines 8-12′ tall, if given proper support. 

Although frequently visited by hummingbird moths, the plants, seeds, and foliage of this variety are all poisonous—please use caution.


  • Annual vining plants grow up to 12 feet tall
  • Perennial plant in southern/warm climates
  • White blossoms are up to 6 inches and open at night
  • Extremely fragrant and attracts pollinators


*Please note: The Arizona Department of Agriculture prohibits the sale of any plant in the genus of Ipomoea, which includes Moonflower.

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