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This shade seed mixture contains a colorful array of more than 15 annuals and perennials that tolerate partial shade. Not suitable for densely shaded areas, it works best in locations that receive strong, filtered sunlight or 1-4 hours of direct sun per day.

  • New for 2022
  • Annuals and perennials
  • Early, late, and mid-blooming flowers
  • Beautiful mix of colors
  • Flowers tolerate partial shade
  • Sows 200 square feet per oz
  • Annual Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila elegans)
  • Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii)
  • Candytuft (Iberis umbellata)
  • Chinese Forget-Me-Not (Cynoglossum amabile)
  • Chinese Houses (Collinsia heterophylla)
  • Clarkia (Clarkia unguiculata)
  • Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
  • Dwarf Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris)
  • Giant Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea)
  • Johnny Jump-Up (Viola cornuta)
  • Lance-Leaved Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata)
  • Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
  • Rocket Larkspur (Delphinium consolida)
  • Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum)
  • Spurred Snapdragon (Linaria maroccana)
  • Sweet William Pinks (Dianthus barbatus)
  • Tussock Bellflower (Campanula carpatica)


You may sow the shade mix 1 to 2 weeks before your average last frost date. Mix the seed with some sand or sawdust, broadcast the seed, and then go over the area with a rake to work the seed into the soil a little.

This product is best seeded at 6-12 lbs per acre or 5 ounces for 1000 square feet.

Confirm the varieties in this mix are safe for your state/region by visiting the USDA National Invasive Species Information Center

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