Flower, Ruby Moon Hyacinth

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(Dolichos lablab) Striking dark-violet stems, leaf veins, and pods with beautiful lilac colored blossoms extend above the foliage on long, straight stems. We do not recommend growing for food, but rather as an ornamental for its flowers. Seed pods and beans are poisonous at certain stages. In Asia and Africa, hyacinth beans are grown for food and can be eaten if prepared properly. Vines grow 10-15′ if given proper support. 

  • Half-hardy annual vining plants grow up to 15 feet with proper support
  • Violet stems, leaf veins and pods
  • Lilac colored blossoms
  • Ornamental and grows on trellises

Learn to Grow Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean

Start Indoors: 4-6 weeks before last frost

Germination: 15-20 Days

Plant Outdoors: 24-36” Apart

Support: Trellis, tepee, or fencing

Instructions – Sow seeds indoors in pots 1″ deep. Transplant outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. Can also be direct-seeded after the last frost in warmer areas. Prefers full sun and rich moist soil.

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