BIG 6 Micronutrients + Humic Acid

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We have done thousands of soil tests and over the years and we’ve noticed that our particular soils are usually very high in Iron but very low in manganese and 5 other Micro-nutrients like Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Molybdenum and Zinc!

Once you regain balance in your Iron to Manganese relationship and bypass the limiting factors of the others, you are in a position to drastically increase yield and disease resistance.

This is going to be a flagship product here at BuildASoil and we are very happy that Dr. Faust at Faust Bio-Ag was willing to custom formulate this product for us.

If you have been using TM-7 this is a great time to drop the Iron and ramp up the Manganese by using our newest product…. the BuildASoil BIG 6 MicroNutrients!! 

These 6 Micronutrients are balanced and chelated through Faust Ful-Humix Humic Acid to make sure that we can use safe amounts and they will only help the plants.

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