Beet, Bull’s Blood (organic)

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A cool-weather plant that is as ornamental as it is tasty. This purple-foliaged variety can be used to produce two great crops for eating. The deliciously sweet leaves are perfect for adding to salads, but the variety can also be grown for its delectable baby roots. We suggest picking the leaves at about 35 days. Selected by Dutch seedsman and Seed Savers Exchange member Kees Sahin in 1986 from the French variety Crapaudine for the darkest-colored leaves.

35 days for baby leaf tops, 55 days for edible roots. ±1,300 seeds/oz.


  • Organic
  • Red-purple leaves
  • Sweet flavor
  • Can be grown for salad leaves
  • 35 days for baby leaf tops, 55 days for edible roots
  • ±1,300 seeds/oz

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