Anden Duct Kit, A320V1 & A320V3

$534.95 Each

Product Description

Anden dehumidifiers are designed for maximum growth. The Model 5807 Round Duct Kit is for applications where ducting your dehumidifier is required. Thedehumidifier can be installed outside of the grow room and ducted to the room with dedicated inlet and supply ducts.

The Model 5807 duct kit for the A320V1/V3 has inlet and outlet collars designed to fit 18” round duct.

Anden Features

  • INCLUDES: Duct transitions for the inlet and outlet. The inlet transition comes with a filter access door for Anden Dehumidifier Model: A320V1 & A320V3
  • MATERIAL: Galvanized steel
  • DUCT COLLAR SIZE: 18” round

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