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Do you want to upgrade your existing AutoPot system to the AQUAvalve5? Look no further because we’ve done the work for you!

If you have a 1Pot System (3.9 gal pots), 1Pot XL System (6.6 gal pots) or Spring Pot XL System (5 gal fabric pots – if purchased before 9/1/2020 you may have SmartPots), use these universal upgrade kits to quickly and easily upgrade your existing system to an AQUAvalve5.

Not since The A-Team have such fantastic feats of modification been possible. AQUAvalve5 Universal Upgrade Kits contain all the fittings/tubing you need to convert an existing system to an AQUAvalve5. All the parts required for a valve-ty smooth transition. NOTE: If you have a 12.4 gal plastic reservoir, you will need to increase the size of your reservoir grommet hole to fit the new 3/8″ fittings. We recommend using a step drill bit to carefully increase the hole size on your reservoir to 12.5mm. Make sure you have your 3/8″ top hat grommet for reference so you don’t increase the hole size too much! Not a DIY’er? You can purchase the 12.4 gal plastic reservoir compatible with the AQUAvalve5.

Larger AutoPot Watering Systems run 1/2″ pipe from FlexiTank or FlexiTank Pro reservoirs. Such systems branch off and reduce to 3/8″ where the 1/2″ pipe arrives at a module. The FlexiTank Filters and Adapters that link the reservoir to the 1/2″ pipe are unchanged. Only in the event of connecting directly from a FlexiTank to 3/8″ pipe will you require the new 1/2″ – 3/8″ Filter and Adapter.

AQUAvalve5 Description:

An irresistible force, flowing like the torrents of spring. The ferocious speed with which water and nutrient solution move through our new 9mm pipe and fittings to AQUAvalve5-equipped modules facilitates faster fills for phenomenally febrile fertilization. The upshot? Even more responsive growing. Thanks to wider-bore fittings, pipe, and AQUAvalve inlet, increased flow velocity also serves to blow away any unwanted accretions. This allows you to grow with virtually any mineral or organic feed via the reservoir and pipework. Time to climb aboard as we show you exactly how AQUAvalve5 can be fitted to existing AutoPot Watering Systems.

The great news is that your existing AutoPot Module trays, pots and lids will fit the new AQUAvalve5, the 3/8″ fittings, and the 3/8″ pipe perfectly. We have a full range of 1/2″ – 3/8″ fittings to insert into your main feed line wherever you need to reduce gauge for the modules. Best of all; rather than buy a whole new, off-the-peg AQUAvalve5-equipped system you can use our Universal Upgrade Kits to upgrade your existing systems to 3/8″ and AQUAvalve5 – NOW!

Looking to upgrade your Tray System, AQUAbox Straight, AQUAbox Spyder or easy2go kit?

Your existing Tray Systems, AQUAbox Straights, AQUAbox Spyders and easy2go Kits can be made 3/8″/AQUAvalve5 compatible in exactly the same way as with plastic reservoirs – simply drill existing pipe entry holes out to a 12.5mm diameter using a step drill. Use a 3/8″ Grommet and 3/8″ Golf Filter to run 3/8″ pipe required for AQUAvalve5. Please email [email protected] if you need assistance in purchasing the items for your Tray System, AQUAbox Straight, AQUAbox Spyder or easy2go kit to upgrade to an AQUAvalve5.

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Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 36 in


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