T5 Fluorescent

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Eye PowerVEG FS-UV 4 ft 54W HO T5

$30.55 Each

Sun Blaze T5 HO 42 – 4 ft 2 Lamp – 120 Volt

$84.99 Each
T5 Bloom Bulb 2' (3000k)

T5 Bloom Bulb 2′ (3000k)

$4.99 Each
T5 Bloom Bulb 4' (3000K)

T5 Bloom Bulb 4′ (3000K)

$6.99 Each
T5 Grow Bulb 2' (6500k)

T5 Grow Bulb 2′ (6500k)

$4.99 Each
T5 Grow Bulb 4' (6500k)

T5 Grow Bulb 4′ (6500k)

$6.99 Each
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