Gaia Green Organics

Gaia Green Organics is an innovative, ground breaking approach to external conditions changing the agriculture industry. This is not about belief systems. Gaia Green provides natural soil management solutions for certified organic farmers, gardeners, as wells as horticultural applications. Their Products have been proven successful in a number of applications. Trials indicate plants had increased natrual resistance to drought and general stress along with a number of cost saving benefits. Growers across the spectrum of the horticulture industry report a profound increase in crop vitality. All Products are composed of blended organic/natural formulations. Not based on the standard N-P-K technology, they are designed to increase biologial activity, enhance the natural biological processes, and complete the mineral complex within the soils. Bring your plants and soils to the most optimum levels of vitality and watch your gardens thrive!

Gaia Green mineralized Phosphate

Mined From Caves and has a potent phosphorus content. Mineralized Phosphate has been known since ancient times to be a highly beneficial natural fertilizer. It provides nutrients to encourage large and plentiful blooms in your flowering plants

$24.99 each

A fertilizer derived from the excreta of black soldier fly larve. It is a renewable resource produced from pre-consumer food waste fed to fly larve. Though new to growers, this digested material has played a significant role in plant nutrition for millions of years.

$19.99 each


Power Bloom is a high phosphate fertilizer specifically formulated to support prolific flowering and fruiting. As a result, Power Bloom is the best fertilizer for root development and for all flowering and fruiting plants. Easy to use and supports high yeilds

$26.99 each

Mined from ancient nutrient-rich deposits of oceanic sediment. Over time, this sediment developed into glauconite, which is highly effective as a slow-release fertilizer used to improve the mineral content of soil and other growing media. 

$39.99 each


All Purpose is an excellent product for landscape and garden use. This fertilizer combines the best of Gaia Green’s products, creating an outstanding blend for all your fertilizing needs. Easy-to-use and long-lasting for feeding plants all season long.

$22.99 each

Mined from an ancient volcanic deposit in British Columbia, Canada. It is a source of natural minerals and trace elements that plants need to thrive. This product can be used on farms, home gardens, landscapes and turf, for a full range of plant types.

$19.99 each

basalt rock dust
Glacial Rock Dust

Glacial Rock Dust is sourced from mineral deposits left by moving glaciers during the last ice age. This natural fertilizer contains essential plant nutrients that support strong plant growth and can be used on all plants in home gardens, landscapes, lawn, and turf. 

$17.99 each
Larger Sizes Available!