AutoPot Watering Systems 101

You might be asking yourself, "What the heck is an AutoPot?" We’re as curious as anyone to try the latest in hydroponic and horticultural products, and this is no exception -- Learn along with us as we cover the basics on the automated watering system that is taking the gardening world by storm!

What is an AutoPot?

An AutoPot is a revolutionary, power-free, self-watering irrigation system for growing any kind of plant. They are simple to set up and use and can be purposed as either a hydroponic irrigation system or as a traditional soil irrigation system. This way, indoor growing and greenhouse gardens can be produced so easily, anyone from the experienced “green-thumbed” gardener looking for new ideas, to the beginner can grow the rich, abundant garden of their dreams.

Why grow with an AutoPot system?

  • No more daily watering
  • Can be left unattended for weeks
  • Easily expand your system in minutes
  • No power, timers, or mains water required
  • Simply gravity feeds your plants from a reservoir
  • Saves water so that no water is ever wasted
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • High yields
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Types of AutoPot Sytems

Another benefit to these systems is that there are several options for the type of setup that works best for you. These systems consist of four simple parts — the reservoir, pot, pot tray, and the AQUAValve. The reservoirs range in sizes from 6.6 gallons all the way up to 250-gallon capacities. AutoPot’s irrigation systems are designed to be easy to use for both novice and professional growers, helping to create the perfect recipe for growing effectively and efficiently at the same time. Let us walk you through the process so you can achieve better yields while saving both time and energy!

XL Systems


Developed by AutoPot to meet the demands of the ambitious gardener, the XL systems are perfect for growers looking to cultivate BIG plants and achieve even BIGGER yields. Ideal for large specimen plants, such as Blueberry bushes or Japanese Maples, your XL setup can be used as a single unit system or linked to larger reservoirs to create huge systems of any size or configuration.

Each XL pot system is supplied with all the necessary connections and the AQUAvalves that control the water supply to each and every plant in the system, delivering fresh, balanced feed throughout their entire life cycle.

Spring Pot Systems


The AutoPot Spring Pot System combines power-free, water-efficient, low-maintenance, modular systems with high-performance fabric pots. Spring Pots stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding, and guiding the root structure rather than merely containing it. The porous BPA-free, lead-free Spring Pot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe, the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth.

When root tips reach the porous side of a Spring Pot they are ‘air-pruned’ – deterred from extending any further by the air outside. Secondary roots then develop, creating a fibrous root structure with vastly improved moisture and nutrient uptake. Root circling is also thus eliminated making it possible to produce bigger plants from smaller pots. Extremely durable and reusable, the Spring Pots are easily cleaned between uses if desired. Once emptied, the Spring Pots are best left to dry. After a few days, any dust and small roots are easily brushed off. While this level of cleaning is completely sufficient, the Spring Pot may be machine or tub washed in peroxide in order to sterilize. (Do not put Spring Pots in a tumble dryer.)

A Spring Pot XL System contains all you need to set up an automated watering system with fabric pots. The compact size and portability that Spring Pot brings to XL means significant reductions in shipping costs and much easier storage for stores and growers alike.

As with all of the AutoPot systems, the Spring Pot System is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single reservoir. The pots and trays can be easily moved at will. If the plants grow too large, they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up with a water and nutrient filled reservoir this extremely versatile, gravity-fed system will run automatically. It will completely take care of all your plant’s needs without any pumps, timers, or intensive maintenance.

When growing in AutoPot Watering Systems it is essential that a PotSock Round (PotSock included) be fitted to the base of each Spring Pot to provide root control.

Please note: Room humidity may be increased when growing with multiple Spring Pots indoors due to the exposed, porous surface of the fabric pots.

Easy2Grow Sytems


The easy2grow can be used to grow a wide variety of plants and is ideally suited to either short, bushy varieties such as herbs or strawberries, or tall growing vine plants, where multiple kits can be placed end-on-end in a garden, greenhouse or poly-tunnel.

A wide range of growing mediums can be used with the easy2grow system, either traditionally with soil or hydroponically. Low maintenance, reliable and automated; the easy2grow system allows gardeners to relax, go away on vacation, and still be sure of healthy plants and bumper harvests.

The easy2grow System is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single reservoir. The pots & trays can be easily moved around. If the plants grow too large, they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up and a reservoir is filled with water & nutrients, this extremely versatile system will completely take care of all your plant’s needs.

Pot Systems


The genius behind this gravity-wicking system is the AutoPot AQUAvalve, which intermittently provides AutoPot containers with wet and dry cycles, letting your plants feed themselves, without electricity, pumps, or timers to operate. Think of it as an automated flood-and-drain system. It’s not exactly flood-and-drain, but the irrigation principles at work here are basically the same.

The pots can be filled with either soil or hydroponic substrate, giving you complete control over your cultivation method. Whatever medium you choose, your Pot System caters to growers of all abilities, guaranteeing impressive results. These systems are easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single reservoir. This adaptable, unfailing system allows your garden to thrive with minimal monitoring.

Tray Systems

AUTO8 2.2GAL 4

These innovative tray systems allow you to accomplish the ability to irrigate multiple pots in a single tray and lid assembly, all fed by a single AQUAvalve. AutoPot Tray Systems run on exactly the same AQUAvalve-driven technology as the other systems. You are still growing power-free, with not a drop of water wasted. Tray Systems can also help cut your overhead costs further. The reduction in components as opposed to multiple individual pots and trays (each with its own valve and line) means a fraction of the maintenance duties. This system gives you the ability to cultivate plants at various stages of development in the same tray system — simply swap plants in and out as needed, minimizing repotting and the risk of transplant shock.

For commercial growers, combining the pots in a single tray helps make watering and plant maintenance much easier. With these Tray Systems, gardeners can take advantage of vertical space without the concern of finding a huge number of individual pots and trays. Tray Systems are simple to install and operate, and like all other AutoPot Systems, they irrigate with zero run-off and don’t require any plumbing. Another added benefit to a Tray System is that your Footprint will be reduced — fewer lights are needed for more tightly arranged plants.

AutoPot Parts


The wide range of AutoPot fittings cater to every gardening scenario and need. When you find yourself in need of accessories for extending or maintaining your system, we have a fitting for every alteration or horticultural situation. 

  • End Stops: End Stops are used to cap the ends of pipework runs. In some instances, you may find that you have an end spare. If so, simply cap the end by using one of these end stops. Alternatively you can use an in-line tap as this will allow you to flush the lines.
  • AirDome: The AirDome was designed to increase the amount of air around the root zone in the pot. If you are lucky enough to have power in your greenhouse, this little addition can drastically increase yields. It is very simple to use once assembled, which will take less than 30 seconds. The AirDome is placed at the bottom of the pot, covered with compost and then connected to an air pump.
  • AQUABox Spyder: The AQUAbox Spyder offers a revolutionary self-watering solution for “Grow Your Own” enthusiasts. No mains water supply, pumps or timers are required. Simply connect to an existing water barrel to automatically water a 13sq/ft area. Positioned directly in the ground the AQUAbox Spyder is ideal for watering conventional beds or the increasingly popular raised beds. A series of capillary wicks fan out from the AQUAbox Spyder distributing water under the soil, across an area of up to 13sq/ft
  • AQUABox Spyder Replacement Matting: Replacement/additional Capillary Matting for the AQUAbox Spyder.
  • AQUABox Straight: The AQUAbox Straight is designed to water and feed plants of all types and sizes that are grown directly in the soil. Positioned directly into the ground, the AQUAbox Straight is ideal for watering narrow raised beds. Alternatively, it may also be used in a tray to water a conventional grow bag.
  • AQUABox Straight Replacement Matting: The straight capillary mat is designed to distribute water over an area of 10sq/ft for narrow areas or growing plants in straight lines. The replacement matting is supplied in 47″ x 1.8″ lengths. If using under a growbag to irrigate your plants, the matting does not need to be cut. If using in a narrow raised bed, simply cut the matting in half.
  • Circular Back & Gold Root Control Disc: Circular Root Control Discs are designed for growers using the 1Pot XL module or system. The Root Control Disc prevents roots from encroaching on the AQUAvalve. It is recommended the Disc is used gold face up though growers may still use the sheet effectively gold face down if they wish.
  • Flexi-Tank Taps: The FlexiTank Tap allows you to connect your FlexiTank to your chosen water distribution system via a tapped supply. During initial assembly, the large threaded end is pushed through the main port in the lower FlexiTank body. The washer and nut included with the Tap fitting are then placed over and tightened on the threaded end. The Click-Fit Tap outlet that remains on the outside of the FlexiTank allows you to attach a standard 1/2” Green Hose Connector, a 1/2” Click Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter  or a 1/2”-1/4” Click Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter. (All FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro models include a FlexiTank Tap as standard)
  • Replacement Root Control Disc (Square) Black & Gold: The Root Control Square for 2.2 / 3.9 gal Pot is designed for growers using 1Pot, easy2grow modules or systems and Auto8 tray systems, the Root Control Square prevents roots from encroaching on the AQUAvalve. We recommend the Root Control Square is used gold face up though growers may still use the Root Control Square effectively gold face down if they wish.
  • Root Control Sock Round (for 6.6 gallon pots): PotSocks have been designed to keep even the most agile root system where it belongs… contained in the pot! Enjoy complete peace of mind that your AQUAvalve is safe and free from rogue roots. PotSocks are great for growers cultivating long term crops or for plants with a very aggressive root system. Available in square or round variations, to fit the easy2grow, 1Pot or XL pots. They’re also the ideal solution for growers using fabric air pruning pots in an AutoPot system. This PotSock Round will fit either the 5 gal Fabric Spring Pot or the 6.6 gal plastic pot used in XL systems.
  • Root Control Sock Square (for 2.2 & 3.9 gallon pots): Available in square or round variations, to fit the easy2grow, 1Pot or XL pots. They’re also the ideal solution for growers using fabric air pruning pots in an AutoPot system. The PotSock Square is used with 2.2 gal or 3.9 gal pots.

Thank you for reading!

From all of us at How To Grow, thank you for reading! We hope that you’ve learned some tips and tricks to help your garden this spring, and for many years to come. As always, tag us in your AutoPot and other gardening project photos and show us how it went!

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